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No as we offer a beginner’s course instead of a puppy course there is no age limit for Dogs once puppies are fully vaccinated they can join.

We offer an 8 week course which is £70 – this includes the annual membership which covers insurance.

2 people can train it is an additional £20 for the 2nd membership.

We cover sits, down, handling, play recall, focus work and recall.

We offer Improver and intermediate classes which run after the beginner’s course, the reason for this is that the training methods are consistent from the beginners’ classes.

The youngest age someone can train is 8 years old however they must be accompanied by an adult at all times and 2 memberships will be needed, we will assess also to ensure handling controlled.

We want to ensure all dogs have the right training that is suitable for their needs, we offer assessments to see if our facility would be ok for the dog and if not we are happy to recommend places that can assist with any problem areas.

We accept all legal breeds.

The classes start from 7pm.

Classes are booked in 8 week blocks which is £40, spaces are limited so if staying with us after the beginners course we recommend early booking.

We run 2 classes in the hall which have 7 people in each class.

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